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The Lakeland Library Cooperative offers a fantastic selection of Audiobooks and eBooks available to download to your device!

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OverDrive Help
Help from OverDrive: Got a specific question? Try the Search Help box!
OverDrive Help Videos: Watch video tutorials on how to borrow/download to different devices.
OverDrive App Help: For Androids, Apple devices, Kindle, Mac, Windows (desktop), Windows 8, and Windows phone

OverDrive Account 
An OverDrive account is optional. You are not required to have an account to borrow items from our catalog. and your OverDrive account: With a FREE OverDrive account, you can sync your progress and bookmarks over multiple devices.

How to renew a digital item you've borrowed

OverDrive Read (through a web browser!)
See book, read book. eBooks in any modern web browser!

Android Devices
How to install the OverDrive app
How to return a downloaded title using the app

Apple Devices
How to install the Overdrive app
How to return a downloaded title using the app

Kindle Books (via the Amazon Website)
Getting started with Amazon® Kindle
-Please note that you will also need an Amazon account and a library card. Fulfillment is accomplished through the Amazon website, and users are subject to Amazon's Terms of Use and Privacy policies.

Returning a Kindle Book early
You can return a Kindle book early through your Amazon account.
  1. From an Internet browser go to and sign-in
  2. Click on "Manage Your Content and Devices" (under "Your Account")
  3. Select the "Actions" dropdown menu to the right of the title
  4. Select "Return the Book"

Kindle Fire (for ePub and MP3 audiobooks via the OverDrive app)
OverDrive Media Console for Android is available to Kindle Fire users in the Amazon App Store. This is the recommended method, as you will have access to more eBook titles and MP3 audiobooks.

Kindle Fire Tablets

Nook Classic and Simple Touch
Getting started with a Nook

Nook Color and Tablets
OverDrive Media Console on your Nook

Windows 8 and 8.1
Installing OverDrive Media console on your Windows system

Using the OverDrive Media Console software on your computer/laptop, and using the OverDrive Media Console App on your mobile device to listen to e-audiobooks (PDF)