Alvah N. Belding Library

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The Friends of the Alvah N. Belding Library continue to sell hand-blown and hand painted ornaments two of the city's historic sites. Unique and colorful library bags are also available for purchase.

The Clock Tower

The Belding Clock Tower that is part of the White Mill that was used by the Belding Bros. & Co. Silk Manufacturing. The mill was built in 1902 and the clock tower was added in 1903 and continues to overlook city from the corner of Bridge and Main Streets. In July 1991 the south face of the clock was a casualty of the 60 mile per hour winds that whipped through West Michigan.

The Belrockton

The Belrockton, built in 1906 is the last remaining boardinghouse of the three provided by the Belding Bros. & Co. for its single female workers. The name "Belrockton" was created from the three cities' names in which the Belding Brothers owned silk mills, i.e. Belding, MI, Rockville, CT, and North Hampton, MA. The city purchased the structure in 1950 to serve as a community center. In 1987 it became the home of the Belding Museum and in 1990 it was listed in the Register of Michigan Historic Sites.

(The Library ornament is no longer available)

Colorful Library Bag

The picture doesn't do it justice! This colorful Library bag with a depiction of the Library on the front could be yours for just $10


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